Azure Dynamics Corporation is a world leader. Especially in the development and production of hybrid electric and electric components and powertrain systems. Moreover for commercial vehicles. For they announced an agreement with Ford Motor Company. One whereby Azure will integrate its proprietary plug-in hybrid (“PHEV”) technology into the market leading Ford F-Series Super Duty product line.

Azure Dynamics ford f150 PHEV  

Scott Harrison, the CEO of Azure, expressed his delight at the company’s decision to incorporate their PHEV technology into Ford’s F-Series Super Duty platform. He went on to say that this development was the ideal outcome for Azure and their customers.

100,000 vehicles

Ford F-Series Super Duty holds more than a 50% market share in North America. Moreover it is the most favored cab and chassis brand. Every year, the commercial cab and chassis industry is supported by around 100,000 vehicles. So it is the go-to option for a lot of commercial fleets. Especially in charge of diverse logistical requirements. The Super Duty also provides a wide array of cab, bed and extras options.

Azure and Ford 

In 2009, Azure Dynamics and Ford came together in order to swiftly produce the Transit Connect Electric. This alliance further develops their partnership which additionally sells the E-450 BalanceTM Hybrid Electric Step Van and Shuttle Bus. Their collaboration builds on the existing business connection between the two.

Rob Stevens is Ford Motor Company’s Commercial Vehicle Chief Engineer. For he noted that with the rising popularity of alternate energy products. All because people want more choices when it comes to powertrain options. Especially that are both eco-friendly and suitable for their driving needs. He added that the versatility of Ford’s vehicle platforms and chassis. For it makes it possible for the company to either come up with their own alternative fuel products. I mean or collaborate with partners such as Azure Dynamics. Especially so that customers are provided with the power of choice when selecting a more fuel-efficient and greener vehicle.

Transit Connect EV

Before the development of the Transit Connect Electric, Azure and Ford had already teamed up to create the BalanceTM Hybrid Electric. This hybrid truck or shuttle is able to produce up to 40% fuel efficiency improvement. In addition it will decrease both emissions and maintenance expenses by up to 30%. It has become the leader in the medium duty (class 2c – V) hybrid commercial truck market in North America. That’s being used in various fleets such as AT&T, CINTAS, DHL, FedEx Express, and Purolator.


It is predicted that in the next five years, the cab and chassis market could experience a 50% expansion. Especially as fleet operators, who have put off buying decisions. For they will come back to the market. Especially to substitute their existing stock. The demand for fuel-efficient cab and chassis has been higher than ever before owing to increasing and volatile fuel costs.

Environmentally Friendly

The enthusiasm for environmentally friendly technology that was first seen in the largest commercial fleets is now extending to the smaller regional fleets. They are realizing that the alternative energy sources don’t have to mean a decrease in performance or lifespan. The Ford F-Series Super Duty has gained an enthusiastic following, many of whom are thrilled with the added performance they get with the new PHEV option.

Harrison commented that the F-Series program was a great fit with their product development plan. They gain the advantage of concentrating on the production and combination of their powertrain solutions, alongside Ford’s experience in constructing vehicle platforms from the ground up, thus helping Azure keep its capital costs low.


Engineering has showcased the versatility of our technology through more than 40 distinct vehicle integrations and millions of miles of real-world driving. We were on the lookout for the right chance, and we knew we could act swiftly and wisely when we found it. We are firmly convinced that the Ford F-Series program is the ideal chance.

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