Chief executive officer of Norbert Dentressangle, François Bertreau today received in Lyon, from the hands of Renault Trucks’ director Stefano Chmielewski, the keys of its first hybrid truck, “Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech.” The ceremony took place in the presence of Jean-François Carenco, Regional Governing Authority of the Rhône department; Jean-Jack Queyranne, President of the Rhône-Alps regional council; and Michèle Vullien, Vice-President of Grand Lyon in charge of monitoring the plan for public transport.

By combining a heat engine and an electric motor, hybrid trucks enable a significant reduction in consumption (about 20%) and are quieter than their heat engine counterpart since these trucks use their electric motor to accelerate from 0 to 12 mph. In the road transport sector, alternative energies are expected to take an increasingly significant role. Renault Trucks has been getting ready to face this change for several years and currently offers its clients a wide range of Clean Tech vehicles (electric, hybrid or CNG).

Norbert Dentressangle, operator of the first European truck fleet and leading brand in its sector, has shown a long-term commitment to the reduction of the impact trucks have on the environment. This commitment is based on the conviction that the truck remains the most efficient means for merchandise transportation. Indeed, 80% of merchandise is transported within fewer than 125 miles, a distance with little appeal to the utilization of other means of transport.

Along with the delivery of these first hybrid vehicles from its historical supplier Renault Trucks, Norbert Dentressangle is going to start a new phase of tests for alternative technologies to fully diesel-powered engines. These vehicles, Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech 4×2 of 310 hp and 19 tons, slated for distribution in urban and outlying areas, will operate in Lyon and Paris. The Carrefour group, which will be the lucky recipient of the trucks in Paris, hopes thus to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain thanks to this technology. A third hybrid vehicle by Renault Trucks will be implemented in Great Britain this fall.

François Bertreau said, “The delivery of this new Renault hybrid truck to Norbert Dentressangle is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the teams of Renault Trucks for more than 30 years and a new proof of our commitment to reduce greenhouse gases. The ambitious environmental approach we have been adopting since 2003, implemented through a partnership with the ADEME that was renewed in December 2009, has already enabled us to achieve substantial progress. With 85% of our fleet at the Euro IV and Euro V regulations, we now operate the cleanest and most modern fleet of Europe for our clients, for whom the reduction of their carbon footprint has also become a goal.

Stefano Chmielewski added, “Road transport is undergoing a revolution. Renault Trucks is fully participating in it – not only does it offer its clients diesel-powered vehicles that consume little fuel, but it also has offered vehicles with alternative energies for many years already. After two years of running tests in actual conditions with its clients, Renault Trucks has now mastered this technology. The delivery of these two hybrid-technology vehicles to a client like Norbert Dentressangle is the proof that road transport players work hand-in-hand and progress towards the development of sustainable freight transport.”

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