The Green Living Guy

Guest author: James Andrew

An interior can be chic AND eco-friendly. Thankfully green design has come a long way, and with furniture makers like Environment leading the way, one can truly have the best of both worlds. Environment produces their innovative pieces from reclaimed, recycled and re purposed materials, creating a sophisticated modernist collection while holding true to their motto: “Create beauty, respect the planet.” – Of particular note are their amazing assortment of modernist sofas and chairs upholstered in unusual materials like army tent canvas, yarn, and denim – it’s quite amazing to see how beautifully these materials work!

I’m seated in front of a magical curtain of glass made from recycled Coke bottles.

I firmly believe we can be a bit “greener” and still make chic, elegant, glamorous rooms. When

Starting a project with the environment in mind, one of the first places I go is Barlas Baylar’s Hudson Furniture Inc.. While looking for pieces to furnish a recent client’s dining room, I found the most fantastic table – the “Squares” base table with organic form slab wood top.

James Andrew is at great comfort to know that Baylor procures all of his wood materials domestically from salvaged, storm damaged, or fallen trees. He beautifully offsets these natural materials with sleek stylized elements like the geometric chromed base pictured here – absolutely stunning combination!

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