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The classic, crisp feel of linen is not just for summertime clothes and bed linens.

Introducing the new mattress and pillows made of linen by Magniflex. Linen makes an ideal fabric for these necessities because it’s natural, highly breathable and helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter. The linen quilts (wrapped around plush, eco-friendly aloe memory foam) are made of organically bio-cultured flax, a fast-growing crop that uses far fewer resources than cotton and produces fiber twice as strong. Besides its durability – the outer shells are removable and washable, too. (Feel free to sleep without a fitted sheet, as many Europeans do!

Please let me know if I may provide additional JPGs or more information.  Linen ComfortPluspillows come certified organic by the Global Organic Textiles Standard and start at $99 per pillow ($1,999 in queen for the Linen Experience mattress). For info., visit or

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