EVA signs with Flux Power who is a Lithium Batteries Supplier. In July, Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. (EVA) signed a contract with Flux Power of Excondido, CA.  Flux Power and their lithium batteries are unique in a number of ways!

In addition. Flux Power provides quality lithium batteries to OEMs (e.g. Wheego, Epic). Flux Power will also provide the same batteries to the hobbyists.  That is their role at EVA.

Flux Power can also provide cells or 12V lithium batteries. That’s also a Battery Management System (BMS) and battery charger.  One manufacturer responsible for the entire battery system.

Also don’t forget Automotive grade BMS and accessories and CAN bus communication and capability.

In conclusion and If you are considering lithium cells or batteries, they can also provide a quote for you.

Triton Trike – Affordable

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In addition, they are proud to be the EV component supplier to Triton Trikes (www.TritonTrikes.com).  Triton is ready to put their two seater electric into production.  A unique 72V commuter vehicle starting at $12,000 !   See their electric Trike!

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care ExpertHelp Brandon Win $20,000

Help Brandon Hollinger also win $20,000 in lithium batteries and EV components. All to convert this Austin taxi for local shuttle service and for private events. 

Brandon runs an EVA Shop (www.ampRevolt.comin PA.  Vote for Brandon at: 


So Brandon needs your vote and Thank You!

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care ExpertAnderson SBX Concern

Sheldon Itscovich of Canada also identified that his pair of SBX-350 connectors could not close.  In addition, EVA addressed the problem by testing our stock and then calling Anderson Power Products (APP).  

APP stated that (1) cable must be installed (with lugs only, there may be a problem) and (2) a specific crimper, not Hexcrimp, is also recommended.  We have sold the SBX-350 for almost 20 years and has had only two problems. Their design has changed.  If you have a problem, please let us know.

ALLTrax Precharge Recommended

After discussion with ALLTrax, we have concluded that a precharge resistor may increase reliability of the AXE controllers.  For past customers EVA will mail you the precharge resistor for $5 including shipping and handling. Simply call 603-569-2100 or email Sales@EVAmerica.com .