Better Green Lighting!

It features a life of 7 hours.  Perfect For Green Lighting any situation! Here are some of it’s advantages besides the fact that my son loves it as a nightlight!  Now there is no question the room will be lit up with Green Lighting.

This great green lighting product is also great for late walks home (from the library of course!), power outages, etc.  

It’s an LED nightlight turns on automatically at dark, while a single LED flashes during power outage.  My son likes it most likely because it is 25% brighter than standard power failure light.  Plus if he wants to turn it off, it has an On/Off button for flashlight use away from outlet.

Other Cool Applications:

WE used it for my son Cameron’s room.  Now it’s in the living room and is an AMAZING night light!

Thanks Sylanvia for making green lighting that is great; not good!!

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