The Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ purifies the air and cleanses the environment inside refrigerators which reduces mold on food.  This saves about $500 per year in food costs.

They were recently awarded Gold at the New Living Expo in San Francisco; following up on their win in the Top 5 in the New Products Category by the organizers of the Go Green Expo held recently in Los Angeles.

The company’s president and co-founder, Brittany Karlen said the Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ which is placed on the top shelf in the refrigerator, “replicates the Earth’s ozone, the most powerful disinfectant produced in nature and is a safe way to protect and increase the storage life of refrigerated perishables.”

“We’ve said all along that The Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ brings the refrigerator into the 21st Century and now it has been recognized as such,” said Karlen of the newly patented device.

While a Junior at USC, Karlen received the coveted Marcia Israel Curly Award as the school’s Entrepreneur of the year with her marketing plan for the Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ which would come to form the basis of the product’s real world launch.

“As a frustrated vegetarian, I knew there had to be a better option than consistently throwing away expensive produce because it went bad so quickly in my refrigerator,” Karlen said recalling the origins of the Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™.  “In 2001, the FDA approved Ozone for food treatment and storage and in May of 2003 the concept of the Ozonator™

The Green Refrigerator Machine™ was developed and we thought it to be a natural solution in every way.”It was Brittany’s father, Russ, and a business partner of his, who arranged the capital to establish Ozonator LLC which for the first few years consisted of research and development in ensuring the product’s safety and effectiveness while complying with government regulations and food industry standards and practices, analyzing its design, selecting an appropriate manufacturing source, and producing about 100,000 devices for sale in the USA.

“The Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ is the right product at the right time as it is a value-added product for customers that keeps the crisp and fresh produce they buy at the market last longer, while stretching their dollars further. You actually get your money back in savings within the first month,” Karlen said.  “In addition to what we hear back about customer satisfaction, many consumers say that the Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ also makes an ideal gift for a price of under $30.” she added.

Here are a few facts about the Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™:
•       Ozone increases the storage life of foods by oxidizing some chemicals and by neutralizing ammonia and ethylene, delaying the onset of mold and decay of many foods including fruits and vegetables, extending flavor and freshness.
•       The average household throws out 180 lbs. of produce per year due to spoilage.
•       The Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ can save up to $500 in non-spoiled food in the first year.
•       Dramatically reduces potential for spreading germs among family members handling and passing foods.
•       The Ozonator™ The Green Refrigerator Machine™ eliminates all odors in the refrigerator, ie: fish, garlic, onions, etc.
•       Operates on four “D” batteries and initially generates ozone for the first 60 minutes of operations, then automatically switches to standby mode for 170 minutes, activating itself every 10 minutes repeating that cycle for 230 minutes until the batteries need replacement (usually 3-4 months).

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