A challenge to reimagine a sustainable urban future takes place later this month in the Alternative Energy Capital of North America, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, hosted by Pod Generating Group, an Ontario based developer of renewable and alternative energy infrastructure. This is a “multiparty design event organized to generate a collaboratively produced plan for sustainable community”.

“The Pod Challenge facilitates a focused dialogue amongst city officials, industry leaders and citizens to build on the city’s environmental achievements,” said Glen Martin, President and Founder of Pod Generating Group. “We will identify opportunities and implement the steps necessary to help transition an industrial town into a model sustainable community.”

“We are currently working on our Community Alternative Energy Strategy for Sault Sainte Marie,” said Tom Vair, Executive Director of SSMIC. “The Soo Sustainable event is an extension of the strategy to engage and inform the public on issues around alternative energy and building a sustainable urban community.”

The group aims to establish concepts, principles and designs for sustainable urbanism for medium or small sized cities in northern climates and more specifically to develop plans and policy guidelines allowing them to reimagine their downtown corridor and waterfront as a vibrant, diverse and highly livable community within a carbon neutral environment by the year 2030.

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