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The recently concluded shale gas conference in Denver, Colorado, was a two-day journey deep into the heart of the hydraulic fracturing industry, filled with highly technical presentations on aspects of a business that normally are not meant for public viewing.

Organized and presented by Marcus Evans, the “Enhancing Shale Oil & Gas Development Strategies” conference offered natural gas industry executives a variety of workshops and panel discussions on using “drilling, completion and reservoir engineering knowledge to advance exploration and diversify shale portfolios,” according to material prepared by Marcus Evans describing the event.

For, the conference represented a lifting of the veil, so to speak, by an industry that is normally very close-mouthed about its operations. was invited to attend as the “Official Blogger” of the conference, and was not compensated in any way for attending or agreeing to write about it. 

Rather than try and parse all the highly technical information — and face accusations that any potentially controversial material was presented out of context — we’ve decided to simply present everything that was made available to us during the conference.

That way, you — the loyal reader — can comb through the material at your own pace and draw your own conclusions.

Here then, for your review and enjoyment, are all the available presentations. They include:

  1. An assessment of future U.S. and Canadian shale gas resources. ShaleGasSupply_Curtis_presentation
  2. A primer on how to recognize shale plays early on and maximize returns on them — don’t forget to make your political calculations about the relative strength of potential opposition in any given community that might be a target for drilling. recognizing_shale_plays_early
  3. A briefing on how to maximize return on your shale gas wells — evidently, it’s critical to have a management team in place that is well versed in your key messages and active in the targeted community. maximizing_return_on_well_production
  4. A presentation on well integrity and how to increase it — apparently, nearly 40 percent of wells suffer from “integrity issues” that could result in a “uncontrolled discharge,” well_integrity_failure_presentation and,
  5. A talk on how microseimic geological modeling can help increase hydraulic fracturing production. microseismic_geology_well_data


Source: Natural Gas Watch

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