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Solatube International Inc., the worldwide leading manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year.  The Solar Power and Green Lighting company invented TDDs, which harvest and distribute daylight in homes, schools and commercial buildings, opening up an entirely new category in the lighting industry.  Solatube Daylighting Systems are now routinely installed as part of energy-saving and sustainability efforts in residential and commercial spaces around the world. 

With the Solatube Daylighting System operating during daylight hours, electric lights are off which means no energy consumption – 100 PERCENT SAVINGS!!! 

Using patented technology, Solatube Daylighting Systems harvest daylight at the rooftop and shoot it down through a highly reflective tube (which can bend and be up to 70 feet or more long) and distribute it evenly into a room through a diffuser at the ceiling.  The products have been installed in everything from homes in every part of the world to warehouses, schools, offices, manufacturing facilities, zoos and government buildings.

“It is remarkable to see the impact we have made worldwide in just two decades,” said Solatube International CEO and Founder David Rillie.  “By conservative estimates, we have sold enough Solatube Daylighting Systems to offset 68,590,000 pounds in carbon emissions annually.  That equates to the entire country of Kuwait not having to use any energy for a full day.  Imagine if everyone used daylighting.”  

Some of the milestones over the past 20 years include:

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