Lunera® Lighting, Inc. a Silicon Valley company that designs, manufactures, and markets next-generation LED lighting, announced today it has been included among the prestigious group of GoingGreen Global 200 winners. Lunera offers a comprehensive line up of elegantly designed, energy efficient, luminaires for office, school, hospital, retail, and other commercial applications. Its’ award-winning fixtures deliver on the three most important issues for high performance buildings: quality of light, economic advantage, and sustainability.

“Picking this year’s GoingGreen Global 200 was a very competitive process, as literally dozens of great greentech companies are emerging out of the pack, raising big money, and gaining significant market traction,” says Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn. “This year’s winners clearly represent some of the highest-growth opportunities we’ve seen in the private company marketplace and underscore that many of the greentech sector’s VCs have been betting on are booming.”

By making the change to Lunera’s near-daylight quality digital LED lighting and incorporating advanced controls into the lighting system, customers can see over a 70% reduction in ongoing energy costs, while offering tenants and workers an improved, healthier interior environment.

“We are pleased to be included once again in this year’s roster of GoingGreen Global 200 winners and to be considered as an innovator changing the world with sustainable, high design, LED lighting solutions that create an outdoor lighting experience inside,” commented Karen Owyeung, CEO of Lunera Lighting. “Our full-spectrum fixtures are recognized for their quality of light while dramatically lowering energy consumption and virtually eliminating maintenance costs. Lunera’s fully recyclable luminaires are also manufactured in the U.S.A. to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint and support the local economy,” she added.

Occupants in buildings with Lunera’s digital LED fixtures and compatible third-party controls enjoy near-daylight illumination and realize energy-efficiency, which contributes to LEED certification. In addition to lifetime energy savings, Lunera’s fixtures are backed by a five-year warranty, and contain no harmful chemicals and generate less heat than comparable incumbent lighting technologies.

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