The first pre-production Waste Heat Engines have successfully completed fabrication, assembly and initial testing by Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. (Pink Sheets: CYPW). This is a critical advancement for the Phoenix-10 Waste Oil Power Generator that is capable of using waste fuels to produce electricity made by TopLine Energy Systems.Cyclone engine

Waste Heat Engines (WHE-25) manufactured by TopLine Energy Systems

This milestone – from prototypes to completed pre-production engines — represents a critical advancement for the Phoenix-10 Waste Oil Power Generator (P-10), scheduled for commercial production in 2012.

The P-10 is an innovative generator system that is capable of utilizing waste fuels, such as used automotive motor oil, to produce electricity and reduce both energy and heating requirements for garages, car dealerships and similar facilities. Powered by the Cyclone WHE-25 external combustion engine, each P-10 generator system is designed to produce 7.5 kW of clean, grid-tied electricity.

Doug Petty, Phoenix Power’s Vice President, commented, “We’ve made significant progress in a short period of time, and we’re very pleased with the results Cyclone is achieving. Among the critical connections we’ve made in the past few months was matching the Cyclone steam generator with our partner’s EPA-compliant and UL-rated waste oil furnace, which we believe will expedite our path to product commercialization.”

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