Ford and The Green Living Guy Talk Smart Electrification Technology For the Green Cities Trend

OK.  So here’s the deal.  Ford has gone totally plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, green zone (a program I helped create with the New York Power Authority) for zero emission vehicles.  When you can have an app to cloud your way toward a totally efficient driving experience, Ford Motor Company is leading the way.  So besides
“With this technology we are talking about pure customer benefit – creating the right individualized and optimized experience for each person, vehicle and situation,” said Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and vice president, Ford Research and Innovation. “As our transportation system evolves – say, with lower emissions zones – the research we are doing now will help us meet the future needs of our customers. For example, cars could one day adapt their powertrain performance to these types of varying driving conditions.”
  • Ford researchers will demonstrate smart electrification technology that uses cloud-based computing and data to optimize a plug-in hybrid’s powertrain efficiency at the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford was the wrap-up keynote speaker who talked about his vision for the future of transportation
  • Ford researchers first gave me a really really good view into how cloud-based technology will be used to improve powertrain operation with Google; since they have highlighted it as part of Ford’s technology future in the Evos Concept car..  

Source: Ford Motor Company