The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club launched its New York Chapter and is inviting qualifying New York non-profits to be the first to apply for donations to purchase and install solar energy systems on their property.

“Green Mountain Energy Company’s mission is to change the way power is made,” said John Holtz, director, Eastern Region, Green Mountain Energy Company. “Each solar energy system we donate through the New York chapter of the Sun Club helps us achieve that mission, give back to the local community and enables our customers to make an even greater difference by further supporting the development of solar power in New York.”

Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

The Sun Club is a unique program in which Green Mountain’s customers can choose to support solar energy by contributing an additional $5 on their monthly Con Edison electricity bill (for more information, visit www. The mission of the Sun Club is to fund, build and promote solar power while assisting non-profit organizations with a socially-responsible focus to reduce their environmental mountain energy sun club

Green Mountain created the Sun Club as a voluntary program to give its customers yet one more way to make a difference for the environment.  The donations are not just for solar arrays; the Sun Club will also consider applicants looking to install other technology which uses the power of the sun to generate pollution-free electricity or heat water.

Since the inception of the program in 2002, Green Mountain and its customers have made 30 donations through its Texas Sun Club chapter, installing almost 400 kilowatts (kW) of new solar power on the roofs and campuses of worthy non-profits. These donations have helped educate the surrounding communities on the importance of this pollution-free resource, and have the combined environmental impact to avoid as much carbon dioxide as over 3.8 million miles not driven. This is equivalent to recycling more than 1 million pounds of newspapers or 1 million households turning off all of their lights for one day.   The Sun Club hopes to soon match the success of its Texas chapter in New York.

SourceGM Sun Club for Green Mountain Energy: Green Mountain Energy Company: NEW YORK, NY