It’s an initiative open to any college or university that has a football team where participating institutions coordinate a recycling activity at one home game. In 2010, approximately 75 schools recovered 500,000 pounds of recyclables and compost from the waste stream!

While your company, agency, or school might not qualify for the Game Day Challenge, why not create a challenge of your own to promote America Recycles Day on November 15? When recycling awareness activities are presented across the board, more sectors of our individual communities can be reached with the important message about making our planet a more sustainable home with greener lifestyle practices.

America Recycles Day might be a one-time yearly event, but consider using this celebration as a springboard to an on-going recycling program in your business, agency, or school. Your efforts will have a global impact. Target Marketing Group can help. Visit our America Recycles Day store at to view our line of America Recycles Day merchandise and sign-up for a chance to win FREE eco-gear! We’re not asking you to jump on a bandwagon—we’re encouraging you to practice global sustainability that will make life on planet Earth better for everyone. Looking for a great container to encourage recycling, review the attached flyer and save during October & November! Or view here:

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