U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood addressed delegates at the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, boldly speaking of the importance of putting Americans back to work by rebuilding the nation’s transportation infrastructure and implementing intelligent transportation.  Noting that many of the country’s roads and bridges are in need of refurbishing, LaHood said “Our transportation systems are overburdened and fast becoming obsolete.”  

LaHood promoted the American Jobs Act, speaking of President Obama’s directive to identify and fast‐track high impact job creating infrastructure projects.  Emphasizing that the country cannot miss the opportunity to put Americans back to work while improving safe travel, he said: “Standing still is no way to maintain what used to be the world’s best transportation system.”

Following his presentation, LaHood referenced the show’s focus on developing the next generation of transportation technology and safety, saying “What intelligent transportation does is it’s the next generation for technology and safety.  What is does is make driving safer and will allow people to go places much safer.  This will create thousands of jobs when these technologies really become available.”