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Being a time to celebrate our Pilgrim Heritage, I thought it would be appropriate to recognize our Suppliers who proudly display “Made in U.S.A.”. Here’s our list of the companies and the products that they can proudly claim “Made in U.S.A”.

Advanced Motors & Drives
DC Motors
ALLTrax, Inc.
AXE & SPM Controllers
Curtis Controllers
1231 Controllers
Electric Vehicles of America
Motor Mount
Tilt Bed Package
Soliton and Soliton Jr controllers
Vacuum Pumps
High Performance EVs
AC Motors
Merritt Controls
Pro Joystick
Netgain Controllers
DC Controllers
NetGain Motors
DC Motors
Quick Cable
Cable, connectors, & more
Quick Charge
Battery Chargers
RTC Machine
Adaptor Plates & Couplings
Westberg Mfg

EVA is proud of these U.S. companies creating jobs in America. Let’s thank them.

EVA Engineerering Assistance

EVA offers FREE help in the following areas:

EV Primer General rules on hp, voltage, range, and more

Technical papers
“Selecting a Vehicle”
“Do It Right”
“Battery Essentials”
“Regen Thoughts”
“EV Economics”
and more….

Calculations – Just forYou

Trojan Battery User’s Guide


Customer EVs
For Sale

1925 Model T (Electric)
$15,000 (WI)

1993 Nissan Truck (Iowa)
$9000 with batteries
$7000 w/o batteries

Chevy S-10 (MA)

By: Bob Batson, Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.

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