Recognizing a growing demand for sustainable and healthy-living products, TreeHouse will open itsfirst retail location on October 22 in Austin, Texas. TreeHouse represents a new and smarter approach to home improvement retailing.
TreeHouse will carry a wide range of carefully selected merchandise including paint, floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroomfixtures, cleaning supplies,storage and organization options, solar power products plus a wide range ofsmart-home technology solutions that will allow customers to run their houses or businesses more efficiently.
Every product sold at TreeHouse undergoes a stringent screening process. Products are scored in the categories of health, performance, corporate responsibility and sustainability.  
The true mission of TreeHouse goes far beyond providing innovative and useful products. The real business, and the passion of the founders, ishelping people find solutions that allow them to live healthier, more efficient and sustainable lives.
As part of that education process, TreeHouse aims to dispel some of the myths that still affect sustainable retailing, such as the notion that sustainable products are more expensive than their ordinary counterparts, or less effective, or that “going green”? means making significant changes in your life.   
“Becoming more responsible doesn’t have to mean overhauling everything you do, it’s easy to make incremental changes,”? said TreeHouse CEO Greg King. “But whether you’re taking small steps or a big leap, we can help you do it by offering smart choices.
TreeHouse is led by a management team with deep and broad experience in retail, home improvement, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and sustainable design and building. They are backed by a group of forward-thinking investors who recognize the great potential in meeting theneeds of a growing number of consumers who are looking for a true partner intheir efforts to lead more responsible lives.
The inaugural TreeHouse location is in the Westgate Shopping Center at 4477 S. LamarBlvd. The 25,000 sq. ft. building was completely remodeled and is LEED certified.

Source: Treehouse

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