So given the fact that the United Nations just announced that the World Population just hit 7 billion, the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) has been pretty busy as of late.  Now to make it even better for people worldwide to be able to eat since IBM has joined as a new member.

IBM will work alongside founding member companies Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont, John Deere and Monsanto to advance its mission of sustainably doubling agricultural output to meet the needs of the more than nine billion people estimated to inhabit the earth by 2050.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading technology companies, IBM engages in food security by enhancing the nutritional value of grains and farm-to-table tracking systems.  Hopefully they will make sure than GMO or genetically modified products are not in the distribution chain; right?!  Uh huh!  You know what I mean people!!

So IBM is busting out their analytics technology to help optimize food operations from planting, watering and harvesting to storage, tracking and distribution, resulting in enhanced efficiencies in the use of increasingly scarce land, water and other inputs.

“We are extremely pleased that IBM has joined the Global Harvest Initiative,” said GHI Chairman of the Board, Dr. William G. Lesher. “IBM brings a unique set of skills and expertise that will undoubtedly help us work toward implementing solutions that will increase global agricultural productivity, improve food security and meet the needs of a growing world.”

“IBM is pleased to be able to lend our expertise, talent and global perspective to the vitally important agenda of the Global Harvest Initiative,” said Stanley Litow, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs and President, IBM International Foundation.

Source: The Global Harvest Initiative 

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