Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) has teamed up with electric vehicle (EV) charging station finder company, CarStations to leverage their pioneering community-powered global Charging Station database. CarStations. will provide an updated feed providing the status of local charging stations to users of the Mitsubishi i “Trip Calculator” application. This social media-friendly application is located on both the Mitsubishi i website and dedicated Facebook page. The application is intended to show users the flexibility of the Mitsubishi i’s driving range by allowing them to see how many various stops can be made within the vehicle’s EPA-rated 62 mile range. The application will allow users to enter custom locations or choose from pre-populated local stops to map out their trip.

The applications will also be featured during the “Mitsubishi i 100% Electric Experience” tour, which debuted on the green carpet at Portland Fashion Week on October 6. Visitors will be able to use Apple iPad™ devices to experience the app on-site and learn more about the vehicle.

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Mitsubishi Motors CYPRESS, California, November 11, 2011
To experience the app on-line or for more information including a complete list of upcoming dates and event locations, please visit “The Electric Experience” tab at

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