Naval Base San Diego (NBSD) received the 2011 GreenGov Presidential Award for excellence in incorporating sustainable practices and principles into daily base operations Nov. 1.

There were more than 300 submissions from federal agencies, and the base was chosen as one of two finalists. 

The GreenGov Presidential awards are part of an annual program to celebrate extraordinary achievement in the pursuit of President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13514 on federal leadership in environmental, energy and economic performance. 

“We are truly honored to win this award,” said Cmdr. Jeff Lengkeek, NBSD Public Works officer. “It didn’t come without hard work from our team here at Naval Base San Diego. We are constantly mindful of taxpayer dollars and environmental stewardship.” 

The installation won the “building the future” category for its work in defining the principles of intelligent shore design to effectively and efficiently meet requirements of the fleet. 

The base significantly reduced its impact of operations on the environment. The introduction of innovative ideas and equipment which reduce waste, capture pollutants and mitigate environmental impacts has led to the following achievements:

The completion of $10.8 million in energy, water and renewable energy projects with an annual cost avoidance of more than $834,000 and savings of approximately 11 billion British thermal units (BTU) and nearly 30 million gallons of water. 

The overall reduction of water use by 35.6 percent from the base’s 2007 baseline. 

The overall reduction in energy use by 14 percent below the base’s 2003 baseline.

Shaping an aggressive energy and green campaign designed to drive down the consumption of utility commodities and establish the Navy as a “Global Force for Green.’

A cost avoidance of nearly $500,000 across all commodities and the award of $147,000 rebate from San Diego Gas and Electric for energy innovation projects
The installation of 157 smart meters to track energy consumption.

Initiating a building inspection program to raise awareness of utility usage, inspiring the computer stand-by mode initiative that has a potential cost avoidance of $290,000 annually.

Diverting more than 42 tons of electronic and 12 tons of appliance waste from landfills during the base’s excess hazardous material and waste turn-in event.

*Partnering with the local community to continue environmental stewardship efforts.

Other awards won by NBSD in 2011 include the Chief of Naval Operation’s Environmental Quality Award and the Secretary of the Navy’s Energy and Water Management Gold Level of Achievement for Outstanding Energy Programs. 

Naval Base San Diego is the principal homeport for the Pacific Fleet, consisting of 56 Navy ships, 2 Coast Guard cutters, Military Sealift Command logistical support platforms, several research and auxiliary vessels, and the Navy’s most advanced 21st century fleet platform know as the littoral combat ship. There are more than 180 individual commands, each having a specific and specialized fleet support purpose. NBSD is the recipient of the 2010 Commander in Chief’s Installation Excellence Award.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus laid out five aggressive energy goals in October 2009 to improve our energy security and efficiency, increase our energy independence, and help lead the nation toward a clean energy economy. This initiative assists in achieving the energy goal of increasing alternative energy afloat and ashore where by 2020, the Department of the Navy (DON) will produce at least 50 percent of shore-based energy requirements from alternative sources and 50 percent of DON installations will be net-zero. 

Sources: US Navy

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