Shopping like a Hunter Gatherer to Keep It Green!

One of my good friends Nancy DeVille wrote a story for the Huffington Post about men back in the day as hunter gatherers. It made sense to me since back then obesity and toxic foods weren’t an issue either. Let’s not go there tonight!! So read it green dad’s and even the ladies since it was written by a woman. Also when I asked Nancy if it was an article written for men she said:
“Ha ha. No it’s my way of expressing how we have to be vigilant about the food we encounter. I encourage people to take on a modern hunter gatherer mentality. Factory foods are the new poison mushrooms to avoid.”
Hunter-gatherers knew what poisons to avoid and how much food they needed to survive between hunting/gathering expeditions. Getting your kitchen together requires two steps: Staples and perishables.
For the entire story on the Huffington Post. Huff Post: HOW TO SHOP LIKE A HUNTER GATHERER
Source: Cloud N°9 Productions