An email came my way today that I had to add to my posts. I totally related to the reader and am more aware that we need to start demanding 100 percent fair and organic coffee all the time. If not we are dead!!

The reader writes: I’m the kind of person who likes routine, and my morning routine revolves around coffee: I drink two cups every morning, while reading the newspaper, before I’m ready to face the world. If you’re like me, your world is changing. Have you noticed that the price of coffee has been going up? Global warming is contributing to lower crop yields and a declining supply of coffee beans—threatening crops in virtually every major coffee producing region of the world. And that’s just one example of the way global warming is already affecting our lives. This should be a wake-up call for all of us. —Karla

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Learn how global warming is affecting coffee production in IndiaEthiopia, and Costa Rica.


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Send us your mug shot! 
Are we heading towards a world without coffee? Let’s deliver a strong message to decision makers that it’s time to wake up and reduce global warming emissions—send us your “mug shot” today! We’ll compile everyone’s coffee mug photos, along with your demands for global warming action, into a video that we’ll deliver to the Obama administration. Hurry! The first 50 people to send us their mug shot will receive a free Union of Concerned Scientists coffee mug.


Source: The Union of Concerned Scientists

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