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Sears Home Services, which are the local Sears guys in the vans for residential and commercial jobs for Sears Holdings announced an EV agreement to say goodbye to worries about charging and service work on an EV or a plug in hybrid electric vehicle like the Volt

This installation agreement with Evatran, the leading developer of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles ensures that purchasers of the Plugless Power system will have access to reliable home and commercial equipment installation through a brand they trust.

Plugless Power systems, which offer the ultimate in convenience and simplicity, recharge electric vehicles (EVs) as quickly as traditional corded options and require the same electrical installation inside a customer’s home. Sears Home Service’s long history in completing appliance, HVAC and electronics installations ensures that each Plugless Power system is installed with the highest regard to user safety and convenience.

Benefits offered to Plugless Power customers through the agreement include:

Simplified Purchasing: So here is how it will work. Evatran will offer Plugless Power systems for Sears with optional basic or standard home installation “wrapped into the purchase price of the equipment.”; or it is part of your financing package. Most likely you will have signed off on this install when you get the keys to your car. If not you would call Sears.
Pre-Installation Site Visits: Now when they price out your install it was dependent on the plan you purchase. Then they will do a site visit and if something is off from the original estimate, they will quote you out before they leave the house. Once all that is covered you are off to the races!

The coolest part of this story too is that Sears is going to train their nationwide staff on how to install and maintain the wireless charging systems. Except for the Best Buy program I heard of this is it! Sears is going all in on an electric car program! Expect 2012 to be the slow roll out to sell these and will work with Evatran on their aftermarket systems.

They will service the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf for starters. My guess is after the kinks they will ramp out.

Now this is a serious thing for electric vehicles to have a service network available to them at a moments notice. There goes range and service issues for charging. Sears will also offer commercial installation for electric vehicle fleet owners and managers.

“Sears is very excited to announce this agreement with Evatran to support the installation and servicing of these stations. Sears’ unparalleled commitment to our customers and many quality service offerings make us a natural fit to facilitate this progressive technology. We look forward to being one of the leaders in this growing industry,” stated Stu Reed , SVP and President, Home Services at Sears Holdings.

Timothy Briggs , CFO of Evatran, communicated the company’s excitement for this announcement: “This agreement allows Evatran to deliver on our vision of enabling electric vehicle adoption through the continued focus on making our customers’ lives easier. With each Plugless Power system purchase, our customers can feel confident they will receive timely service and quality workmanship from a company they have trusted with their home installations for years.”

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Sears, Roebuck and Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: SHLD – or the Sears Holdings Corporation website at

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