November 2011

By Elizabeth Silleck

The story of BrightHome Energy Solutions, LLC (BrightHome) exemplifies NYSERDA’s success in supporting small business growth and workforce development in the clean energy field.

Mike Brown, Partner, Bright Home Energy Solutions

“Home Performance training really gave us a foundation for doing energy efficiency work… It’s all about how things interact with each other. We want to figure out how to make houses last as long as possible.”
-Mike Brown, Partner, BrightHome Energy Solutions

Since 2009, BrightHome has created 30 jobs in Westchester County. One of those jobs went to a disadvantaged worker who received NYSERDA-funded workforce development training at the Osborne Association. BrightHome also hired employees through workforce development initiatives of the Westchester/Putnam Workforce Investment Board, Sustainable South Bronx and WestCOP.

A key ingredient to BrightHome’s success is its participation in NYSERDA’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, which requires participating contractors to be accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).

Certified contractors perform air sealing to improve a home’s energy efficiency.

“Last year alone, NYSERDA reimbursed us about $9,000 toward our marketing activities.”
-Mike Brown

NYSERDA supports a network of training sites across the state and reimburses half the cost of BPI technician certification. NYSERDA also helps contractors ramp up their businesses by assisting with initial equipment costs and by providing co-operative marketing dollars.

A full list of participating contractors can be found at For more information about how to become a participating Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor or general questions about NYSERDA, contact your local Energy $mart Communities Coordinator at

Source: NYSERDA and Courtney Strong, Inc. | 446 Broadway | Kingston | NY | 12401

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