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Karma fisker with EV ConnectTraining provides employment for 300 electricians. It also boosts manpower dedicated to EV Infrastructure roll out. Most importantly it also provides support for upcoming Fisker Karma deliveries!

EV Connect

EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions. For they announced it has trained and also certified more than 300 electricians. All most noteworthy and throughout North America. This EV Connect Certified Contractor Network (CCN) is also set to expedite EV charging station installations. Especially for new Fisker Karma deliveries. Moreover and to support the company’s ongoing effort. For that’s to safely and also efficiently install EV infrastructure throughout North America and Canada.

Weekly Training

EV Connect’s weekly training sessions are designed for electricians and other EV industry practitioners who want to expand their professional credentials and become certified to install EV charging equipment.

“EV Connect is a valuable partner in my business,” said Jim Sylvana, General Manager for Celestial Power in Austin, Texas. “Austin’s demand for charging stations is ramping up. I am glad to be part of the effort to grow the country’s infrastructure that will support getting more clean vehicles on the roads. EV Connect is a crucial part of organizing this work.”


EV Connect is actively recruiting new members for this network. The CCN program includes extensive training in EV infrastructure deployment aimed at helping electricians pass a challenging certification exam.

In addition and for more information. I mean or to apply to EV Connect’s CCN program, send an email to:

“Clearly the barrier to large scale electric vehicle adoption is infrastructure. EV Connect is taking on that problem head on by building an army of top-notch, qualified professionals who can exponentially increase our effectiveness in installing EV charging equipment throughout North America,” said Jordan Ramer, CEO of EV Connect.


EV Connect, Inc., CULVER CITY, California, December 6, 2011, EV

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