Conergy’s Solar Large Projects Group completes the 300 kW solar power plant

Denver, CO; January 11, 2012 – Bear Creek Ranch, an affiliation of Pacific Ag Management, in Wasco, California chose Conergy’s Solar Large Projects Group as the project manager for its 1.5-acre solar energy power generation site . The solar energy site will power the water pumps and irrigation system for the surrounding almond orchards. Brought into the project at its conception phase, Conergy is providing development, EPC and O&M services, along with assistance in securing financing. Using Conergy P modules and Conergy’s SolarLinea driven-pile ground mounting, the solar site will annually produce 470,000 kWh of clean solar energy, which is equivalent to reducing CO2 levels by 308,000 pounds per year or not driving nearly 6 million miles.

Wanting to reduce their costs and hedge against rising utility rates, Bear Creek Ranch decided to install a solar power plant. Using an operating lease financing structure, the power plant will provide the ranch $2.6 million in utility savings over the next 25 years. “By implementing a solar power plant we are able to turn our energy costs into predictable fixed costs. By hedging against rising utility rates, we can increase our profitability, have better cost control and improved forecasting capabilities.” says Keith Gardiner, Managing Partner of Bear Creek Ranch. “We chose Conergy as our project developer due to its track record, its reputation of installing similar systems on agricultural operations and the Company’s responsiveness.”

“Working on many agricultural solar energy projects, Conergy has the insight and experience to develop cost effective solutions for the unique challenges this sector faces, such as being heavily dependent on electricity to irrigate crops. We are pleased that we can apply this experience to the development of Bear Creek Ranch’s solar power plant development,” said Conergy’s David Vincent, Project Development Manager. “With this solar power plant, Bear Creek Ranch is showing their environmental stewardship and energy leadership in the agricultural industry.”

From planning, financing and engineering to procurement, construction, permitting, and maintenance, the Conergy Solar Large Projects Group has provided turnkey solutions to meet a continuum of renewable energy objectives. To every project, the Group brings its experience in developing power plants around the world from a 10 MW system for a Michelin manufacturing plant which at the time of interconnection was the largest rooftop installation in the world to 20+ MW installations in Spain and South Korea. In the United States, the Projects Group team brought online a 2 MW ground-mounted photovoltaic installation at the Fort Carson U.S. Army base in Colorado, a 3 MW ground mounted photovoltaic installation in Pennsylvania for Exelon and a 1.6 MW tracker system in California for the South San Joaquin Irrigation District.

The SolarLinea is a Conergy-manufactured driven-pile mounting system for free-field PV installations. With a terrain-adaptable design, the SolarLinea adapts to a ±10% terrain variation and minimizes or completely eliminates site modification. The system is designed to decrease the total install cost of PV system, from labour, equipment and other overhead costs. Offering design flexibility and optimal use of space, the SolarLinea is available in both a dual and single post options.

Source: Conergy USA