Homebuyers Enthusiastic About Net-Zero Energy Homes


(STEVENSVILLE) Jan 18, 2012— Stevensville, Md-based NEXUS EnergyHomes, Inc., an award-winning builder of Net-Zero custom homes and communities, anticipates strong growth and sales exceeding $12 million in 2012 as multiple green energy home projects initiated last year throughout the mid-Atlantic region move forward to completion.

“Our commitment to Net-Zero standards for single family dwellings is finding a robust acceptance and enthusiasm in the marketplace, despite a weak economy,” says V. Paul Zanecki, Nexus EnergyHomes President.

“We are making America energy independent one home at a time, at a cost no different than other new homes on the market”, he says.

Following three years of intensive research and development in conjunction with the Research Center at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), NEXUS launched single family home developments last year in Frederick and Centerville, Md and Garrett County, Md, as well as custom urban townhomes in Philadelphia. The 54-lot North Pointe GeoSolar Community in Frederick sold both model homes in the first two weeks of offering and ended 2011 with 17 lots under contract, six homes nearing completion, and a further eight pending building permits. NEXUS is projecting a consistent 2012 sales pace, for this community, of one home per week, which has the potential of selling out North Pointe by years‟ end at price points consistent with increased quality and demand.

Zanecki says, “It‟s not hard to understand why NEXUS EnergyHomes is succeeding in a market where other builders are struggling to make sales. When you can buy a new construction home built with the highest-technology and certifications available in green-building standards combined with the modern layout and amenities that homebuyers are looking for, all for the same price point compared to traditional homes on the market, why would you choose anything else?”

At Three Creeks Development in Centerville, Md, NEXUS‟ first 2,700-foot Net-Zero home went into contract within two weeks of offering, and is now nearing completion. Building on the success of its launch last year, NEXUS EnergyHomes‟ ambitious 2012 projections include developments in Garrett County, Md, up to 100 resort-style homes over a five-year period; Summerville, SC; 47 single family; 40 units showcasing NEXUS Net-Zero GeoSolar project; Philadelphia and five custom townhomes; four additional projects in Frederick, Md totaling 80 single-family homes and 184 townhomes plus a custom family residence; Montgomery County, Md; nine custom homes; Jefferson, Md; 13 homes; New Market, Md – four custom homes; and Chestertown, Pa; 37 single family homes.


After years of research and testing with the NAHB, and through NEXUS EnergyHomes‟ complex construction process using proprietary designs, innovative materials, and the very best of modern technologies, NEXUS EnergyHomes is making a revolutionary change to the way homes are constructed in America. Simply put, NEXUS EnergyHomes is the first company to make these technologies work in perfect harmony in a single family home, and at a cost comparable to other homes currently on the market. By combining the application of innovative Geosolar; energy production, and effective energy-saving building techniques, and utilizing a proprietary NexusVision Smart Systems; web-based, energy-usage monitoring and control system, each Nexus Energy Homes; homeowner has net-zero energy balance within their grasp. Using the earth as an inverse temperature conductor and the sun as a power source, NEXUS EnergyHomes utilize a combination of geothermal (ground sourced) heat pumps, photovoltaic solar panels, super insulated building shells and state-of-the art electronic and web-based controls and monitoring systems. All household electrical equipment and appliances are Energy-Star rated. NEXUS‟ entire electrical system is tied to the electrical or utility grid for metering.

Power is produced during periods of sunshine and drawn from the grid at night, or in periods of extensive cloud cover, in order to produce annual, zero or near zero grid electricity demand “Off the Grid.

Every Nexus Net-Zero building is constructed to qualify and gain certification of the Research Center at the National Association of Home Builder‟s (NAHB) at the highest acceptance level to ensure that the balance between energy production and consumption meets, or exceeds, NAHB‟s highest standards.

The NEXUS EnergyHomes mission is designed to move America towards a more green “fossil-free”; or low emission status, freedom from rising electric and fuel costs and projected electricity shortages, making the United States less dependent on foreign fossil fuel producers and suppliers. The appearance and functioning of a NEXUS EnergyHome is in no way compromised by its energy efficient features.

Traditional architecture and styling is maintained, while on the inside, whole house integrated electronics, controls and monitoring devices provide the homeowner with measured functions and performance. In a NEXUS EnergyHome there are no outside air conditioning units, and no mechanical noise in the back or side yards. Inside air flow is even, quality controlled, and hot and cold spots are eliminated. Humidity is monitored and kept at comfortable levels year-round. Harmful particulates, such as mold spores, mildew, pollen, and animal dander, are filtered and cleaned from the air at unprecedented levels.


NEXUS EnergyHomes is the gold winner of the NAHB Research Center 2012 EnergyValue Housing Award, and has also been nominated among only 17 other builders in the nation, for the 2012 Builder of the Year and the People‟s Choice EnergyValue Housing Award (the winners are to be announced at the NAHB International Builders‟ Show in February). NEXUS was also awarded the Maryland Clean Energy Center’s Partnership Award. The company’s certifications and affiliations include: National Association of Homebuilders; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy‟s Energy Star designation; Indoor AirPLUS Qualified Homes (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); Building America Program (U.S. Department of Energy); Certified Green Professional.

NEXUS received its first Emerald Certification for their model home in North Pointe this week and have pending applications for five more homes. Mike Murphy, NEXUS Construction Division President says, “Soon we hope to have the most Emerald Certified homes in the country. With our GeoSolar community, NorthPointe, we have made Frederick Md the „Emerald City‟.

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At the core of every Nexus Energy Home is NexusVision – a revolutionary energy management system providing homeowners the ability to better manage their homes energy usage.

NexusVision is an integrated hardware and software solution that monitors both the generation; via the homes solar system – and consumption of all electricity in the home. A proprietary, smart-grid compliant electrical distribution panel serves as the nerve center of the NexusVision system.

This centralized panel feeds power to the home and monitors energy consumption throughout every room and level of the home. This information is provided to the homeowner via an intuitive, dynamic user interface accessible from any web browser, iPad or iPhone. Real-time energy data is provided so home owners have instant clarity concerning their homes current energy usage and its impact in both economic and environmental terms. As important, the energy dashboard provides historic and trend data in terms the homeowner can easily comprehend. Graphs showing energy usage in kilowatt hours (kWh) or dollars are presented by week, month and year.

Also, the homeowner can see the total cumulative environmental benefit of their net-zero community in te
rms of carbon and fossil fuel avoidance or in equivalency terms such as trees planted. The power of NexusVision is its ability to provide homeowners the information they need to better understand and then to better manage their homes energy usage. This unparalleled capability is standard in every Nexus EnergyHome.