FedEx’s EarthSmart Sustainability Program in EMEA

A FedEx Roadmap for Delivering for Eco-Sustainability throughout the Region

FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company and a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), officially launched its sustainability program EarthSmart ® in Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa (EMEA).  The launch coincides with Earth Day that has just been celebrated in more than 175 countries around the globe.
“EarthSmart represents the next evolution of environmental sustainability at FedEx”, said Beth Galetti, vice president, Planning and Engineering, FedEx Express EMEA.  “Our track record demonstrates a winning combination of innovation, leadership, and collaboration in implementing initiatives with tangible business and environmental benefits.  With EarthSmart, we’ve expanded and deepened the breadth of our commitment by creating formal avenues to engage our team members, customers, and community stakeholders in achieving shared environmental goals.”
EarthSmart is our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment. It’s designed to encourage innovation that makes our business – the way we work and services we offer—more sustainable, both economically and environmentally. Specifically, EarthSmart covers three areas: business, culture and community.
EarthSmart achievements include:
FedEx Boeing 777F Fleet: The introduction of new Boeing 777s enables more freight to be delivered further offering 18 percent less emissions and 18 percent fuel reductions in comparison to MD-11.
FedEx all-electric delivery vehicles: These zero emission vehicles operate in London and Paris allowing couriers to make a full eight-hour shift of deliveries before their vehicles need recharging.
FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD): An automated shipping tool which reduces the need to print and sign multiple copies of trade documents, saves customers time and money and helps them reduce their environmental footprint.
EarthSmart was developed in collaboration with Esty Environmental Partners, a leading sustainability consultancy
“We cannot underestimate the contribution of our people.  We know change starts here”, added Galetti.  “We are heavily indebted to our employees who have undertaken the commitment of environmental stewardship with unwavering resolve, dedication and enthusiasm.” 
To celebrate FedEx team efforts, FedEx Express will also be donating a tree in honor of each employee.  The tree donation program, organized in collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet, will result in at least 16,000 trees being planted across the region.  The company is inviting employees to join its philanthropic efforts with the aim of collectively donating 20,000 trees to EMEA.  Plant-for-the-Planet is a grassroots children’s organization operating in 99 countries with the goal of empowering children to shape their future by raising youth awareness of sustainability issues and by planting one million trees in each country worldwide.

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