Looking for Eco-Love? Take it Outside

Timberland survey finds outdoor dates, eco-behaviors attractive – just don’t pick up your date on a bicycle

STRATHAM, NH, (February 8, 2012) — Turning on your date could be as simple as turning off the lights. A survey by Timberland shows more than three-quarters of Americans find eco-minded tendencies attractive in a mate. But don’t take it too far; being eco-extreme.

Timberland, a company dedicated to protecting the outdoors and outfitting people in eco-conscious gear, surveyed more than 1,000 men and women to find out how important green behaviors are when it comes to finding – and keeping – true love. Here are highlights from the Timberland Eco-Love Survey:

Take the environment for granted and you could be flying solo

  • Attracting a green-minded mate: More than three-quarters (77%) of Americans find eco-minded behaviors an attractive quality in a mate. Specifically, spending time outdoors (57%), being eco-minded around the house (50%) and practicing conscious consumption (30%) are the top eco-qualities Americans say make a person attractive.
  • What to wear when you land the date: Sport sustainable style. Nearly one-third (30%) of Americans are attracted to people who consider the environmental impact of the products they buy, including clothing.
  • Love blossoms best in the great outdoors: More than half (54%) of Americans said an outdoor adventure, like a hike or walk in the park, is an ideal date, while nearly one-quarter (23%) selected tree planting or other projects to improve the environment.

“Timberland’s mission is to equip people for their outdoor experiences in ways that are easier on the environment,” explains Jim Davey, Vice President of Global Marketing at Timberland. “But apparently, eco-conscious gear can equip you for a better love life as well.”


Timberland teamed up with the dating experts at OkCupid to create the Green Guide to Dating and Love, full of dos, don’ts and creative ideas for finding and keeping your one green love. “One of the keys to a successful relationship is connecting with your mate on common interests,” said Sam Yagan, CEO and Co-Founder at OkCupid. “The Timberland Green Guide to Dating and Love is a fun resource for those who love the outdoors and want unique ideas for putting an eco-spin on the same-old cocktails or coffee dating routine.”

Check out The Timberland Green Guide to Dating and Love and the full findings of Timberland’s Eco-Love Survey.

Written by greenlivingguy

The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman is a green living expert, celebrity and Editor of the McGraw-Hill, TAB Green Guru Guides. Seth is also an Author, Radio Host, Reporter, Writer and a Environmental Consultant on green living. The Green Living Guy writes about green living, green lighting, the green guru guides and more. Seth's books range from: # Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brant and Seth Leitman (2nd and 3rd editions) # Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman # Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle by Carl Vogel # Green Lighting by Seth Leitman, Brian Clark Howard and Bill Brinsky # Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley # Renewable Energies For Your Home by Russel Gehrke # Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audits by David Findley # Build Your Own Small Wind Power System by Brian Clark Howard and Kevin Shea # and more green living books to follow.