The Green Living Guy

You heard it here.  It was so exciting.

When learning about sustainable living, you know you’re in good hands with Seth Leitman. He’s known as “The Green Guy” after building a career and lifestyle around all things green.

“People usually go, oh boy, there’s that guy! Coming to talk to me about that green living,” Seth jokes as he shows us around his sustainable home.Green living guy energy star appliances

Seth’s home in Weschester is build with LED lights and all sustainable appliances.

 “The refrigerator is Energy Star. It’s energy efficient,” 

And that’s not all. Even his TV is “green”.

“The TV is green. No compromise. The light behind it that projects out is LED. It’s the same that’s in a NYC traffic light or a solar light,” Seth says.

He tells us an advantage to reducing his carbon footprint also comes with incredible tax incentives.

“I kept the receipt, and it’s tax deductible.

Thank you to Hilary Whittier from Channel 11 for making it happen.

Source: WPIX Channel 11

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