Hey Ladies Organic Makeup Is Best Move For Earth Day!

This new company called ACTZ Cosmetics – Pure & Beautiful Hand-Made Soaps http://www.actzstore.com/ said immediately the following things they do every day. Realize the things on their website are all better for your skin, no parabens or other harsh chemcials.

ACTZ strives to be 100% Eco-Friendly within our company. All of their products are purchased Fair Trade and Organic when possible.

To do this ACTZ has 3 areas of their company, first being their Vegan Line, Organic, and Natural Body Care. With the everyday consumer having had to make adjustments in their lives; to compensate for the struggles of our economy. While I dinnow about this but they have added non-organic products, yet their comment was “still giving the customer a natural clean way of caring for their bodies and environment. Yet still allowing them to buy at a smaller investment versus or Organic Products that are a little higher of an investment.”

All of ActZ’s cold process soaps are made detergent/hardener free; allowing the lye to naturally react with the oils. All our soaps are cured naturally; we don’t speed up the process of drying with any chemicals. Our soaps that are shrink wrapped are done so in LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene.

“We encourage our customers to check with their local recycling center, and grocery stores for the location to recycle the wrap and plastic bags. We do however wrap 90% of our soaps in paper, our glycerin soaps do have to be wrapped in plastic. We also use no plastic shopping bags in our company; we use Kraft brown bags if the customer has not brought a reusable bag with them. We hope that by the end of this year we will have grown enough to be able to supply of customers with reusable bags.”

ACTZ also uses “The Eco-Friendly Primo Melter’s” for all of our melting needs. Many Glycerin Soap Maker’s still us microwaves for melting which our company is very against the use of microwaves. We also do all of our printing and manufacturing in house.

This allows to keep their prices competitive; yet most important is it lessens the use of Energy needed. As our company goes we hope to be able to submit our flyers to a company that uses Eco-Friendly ink. So at this time they offer little to no printed materials, ie they depend on emails and blogs to share information.

Source: ACTZ Cosmetics

Written by greenlivingguy

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