I Love Me and I Love my ACTZ

Being “GREEN” and living environmentally friendly can sometimes be very difficult nowadays, especially with a background being in the public eye. But, since finding ACTZ cosmetics, I truly have found it much easier to be eco-friendly.

ACTZ offers a variety of vegan, organic, and all natural products. Everything from soaps and lip balms, to hair products and body scrubs leave me feeling refreshed, clean, and feeling good knowing I am doing the environment a good thing by using these products. I really appreciate that they also use recyclable packaging materials for all the products and print the ingredient labels on what you are using. That way, as the consumer, I can feel truly confidant when I buy ACTZ cosmetics and stand by their line of products.

A few of the things that my family and I do to be eco-friendly are things such as using soaps and detergents that are chemical free to minimize pollution back into the water system. We also recycle paper, plastic, and glass. But it is just as important to recycle food also. We have a compost pile and we put our peels and pieces of vegetables into the compost pile where we use that as soil for the garden we have to grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

As an event host, model, and mother, I know how important it is to have healthy skin and hair, and keep a good life routine to contribute to keeping Mother Earth healthy as well. When I am out in the spot light and doing my work in the public eye, I want to be an example of what you can do to be eco- friendly. With the help of ACTZ, I have become a better eco-friendly model. From the way they are made and packaged to how the products smell and make my skin feel beyond words. I also have very sensitive skin, and these products have allowed me to look and feel great, inside and out. I feel better about giving back to the environment while giving back to my family and myself.

It is just as important to recycle and use organic soaps however, as it is to use organic and chemical free cosmetics. But for far more serious reasons than you could imagine. The chemicals in the makeup and products we use on a daily basis are being linked to some serious health problems. Being environmentally eco- friendly and being physical, mentally, and emotionally healthy makes for a better you, and earth. ACTZ offers healthy and safe cosmetics and other beauty products.

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I will be a life-time supporter of ACTZ cosmetics and the eco-friendly products they carry. My next goal to become even more eco-friendly, is to get an electric car.

The Tesla Roadster is looking very nice and very eco-friendly.

Written by: Amanda Monique Farrar: Event Host, Model, and Mother

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Written by greenlivingguy

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