Call for EVs to join our displays (and relay!) on First Ever EV Relay Across USA

We need more EVs in Times Square next Friday, start of the rally!  Also, if you would be so kind to send this out to all your associate EV Clubs across America, we want a full show EV Power.

We are indeed filming this epic attempt to do an EV Relay across the USA, within the famous supercar rally Gumball3000. Please check the exact route and details on Gumball 3000 – Official Website

I want to extend our invitation to all local EV owners to display their cars at each check point and join us long the route:

Times Square grid on 24th of May
25th depart for Toronto
26th/27th at the Indy500!
28th in Kansas City
29th Santa Fe
30th Las Vegas
31st Hollywood (more specifics of each day are below)

We will be doing a profile of each car and its driver and ideally interview you for the film.
Owners and their guests can take part in whichever or all aspects, including the glamorous parties hosted each night.
As long as your batteries are charged for the next day!

And of course, if they really want to get involved, they can fill a slot in the actual relay between New York and Los Angeles.

Quite the logistics, timing is everything, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

Pass this around, and have any and all email me with a photo of their beloved Tesla and we will be sure to get you involved in every way possible.

All the best
Karta Healy
Founder of A>>B

Here is the exact schedule of locations, where most EVs are welcome to be on display and drive a portion of the rally, get in touch asap to book your slot:

Location – Car Display Location – Hotel Date-ARRIVAL-Time Date-DEPARTURE-Time

New York Times Square W Hotel 5/24/12 10am – 3pm 5/25/12 12 noon
Niagara Skylon Tower na 5/25/12 7-10pm 5/25/12 8-11pm
Toronto Cumberland Street Toronto Hyatt 5/25/12 10pm – 12:30 5/26/12 8-10am
Detroit Gm Center na 5/26/12 11am-3pm 5/26/12 12 – 4pm
Indianapolis Monument Circle IndY Hyatt 5/26/12 5pm – 9pm 5/27/12 7am
Indy 500 Indi Motor Speedway Indy Hyatt 5/27/12 7:15am 5/28/12 10am
St. Louis TBC na 5/28/12 1:30pm – 3pm 5/28/12 2:30pm – 4pm
Kansas Hotel Car Park Intercontinental 5/28/12 6pm – 9pm 5/29/12 9am
Topeka Heartland Racetrack na 5/29/12 11am – 12pm 5/29/12 2pm
Amarillo Steak House na 5/29/12 4pm – 11pm 5/29/12 ~
Santa Fe Santa Fe Plaza Inn @ Loretto 5/29/12 9pm – 1am 5/30/12 9am
Grand Canyon GC National Park na 5/30/12 3pm – 5pm 5/30/12 330 – 530pm
Las Vegas Hotel Car Park Cosmopolitan 5/30/12 6pm – 12am 5/31/12 1pm
Death Valley Look Out Point na 5/31/12 3pm – 4pm 5/31/12 330 – 430pm
Los Angeles Hotel Car Park The Roosevelt 5/31/12 7pm 5/31/12 9pm

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