Leilani Münter, professional race car driver and environmental activist, has announced her support for the Code REDD Campaign and its mission to make forests more valuable alive than dead through the Voluntary Carbon Market.  Münter, a biology graduate who has long been known as ‘The Carbon Free Girl,’ will offset her unavoidable emissions from racing through Wildlife Works Carbon LLC, one of the approved REDD+ projects in the Code REDD Campaign that generates high quality Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs), or carbon credits.

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Leilani Munter Joins the Code REDD Campaign

“We are in a race against deforestation” Leilani affirmed, adding that “in the time it takes me to finish one race, 7,500 acres of forest will be lost to deforestation” Since 2007, Münter has adopted an acre of rainforest for every race she runs, and with this new effort she hopes to bring greater awareness to the public about Code REDD, a radical new campaign that is using the power of the marketplace to stop deforestation, protect wildlife, and provide real sustainable development opportunities for forest communities.

Racecar Environmentalist Leilani Münter Joins Code REDD’s Race Against Deforestation
“Deforestation accounts for more than 17% of annual global CO2 emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector,” said Karin Burns, Executive Director of the Code REDD Campaign. “We are thrilled to partner with Leilani who exemplifies the spirit of the Code REDD campaign and through her actions can reach an audience of millions.” Today, 18 of the top 20 highest attendance sporting events in the United States are auto races.

A video highlighting Münter’s support for the Code REDD Campaign will be aired for 4 days from Thursday July 26th – Sunday July 29th at the entrance to the Indianapolis Speedway’s NASCAR Brickyard 400 Super Weekend. Race car fans are encouraged to learn more about Leilani Münter’s commitment to Code REDD and ways they can get involved by going to: www.coderedd.com/leilani