Madagascar is one of our planet’s most pristine natural sanctuaries, with more than one percent of the world’s species residing on the island. Without interference from external sources, fauna and flora burgeoned there, but in recent years, threats ranging from bushmeat hunting to mineral resource extraction have begun to mount.

This June, Madagascar achieved a crucial milestone: the creation of Makira Natural Park in the country’s northeast. Spanning 1,438 square miles of rainforest, the area is larger than the state of Rhode Island. WCS has been vying for this safeguard for more than a decade after helping the country create Masoala National Park during the 1990s.

Celebrate this achievement by watching the below slideshow of Madagascar images. red-ruffed lemur hangs from a tree at WCS’s Bronx Zoo’s Madagascar! Exhibit, which showcases the enchanting wildlife and bizarre landscapes of the world’s fourth largest island.

Source: Widllife Conservation Society

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