In this difficult economic environment and with South Florida having served as ground zero for a nationwide real estate bust, Coral Gables has another shining example of success. The Building, a 58,000-square foot Class-A office building in the heart of downtown Coral Gables, was developed by AJP Ventures. The development completed construction last month, is already 65% leased, received its first tenant with over 100 employees in the official move of iconic Zubi Advertising’s headquarters, and won a prestigious award from the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce.

Here is what they did

I think one of the more interesting green aspects of the building’s design is how they built it to encourage healthy living and community connectivity by providing amenities like bike racks, covered bike areas, showers and changing facilities to encourage employees and building tenants to bike to work, as well as preferred parking for hybrids and carpooling vehicles. It also has a ton of green space, rooftop garden, planters, mature landscaping and many other green amenities. Here are some other things they did to make the building green:

  • included 30% more open space than required
  • designed an erosion and sediment control plan (required for over 1 acre, but this one under 1 acre) to prevent erosion via storm drains, keep dust, debris, runoff contained from running off the property
  • used light pavement to reduce heat island effect
  • reduced the water required for irrigation by planing native plants and once they are established after a year, the water bill is over 50% less than what a typical commercial water bill would be
  • Building designed to use 18% less energy
  • Designed to collect recyclables
  • Contractor went through extra effort of diverting over 70% of their waste generated from demolishen so it wouldn’t go into water stream and land fill.
  • Materials sourced locally 20%
  • During construction an indoor quality air management plan was put in place as if it was a lived-in building
  • Low VOC used
  • New tenants will be able to tie into electrical and ac systems to provide as much control over indoor (thermostats) temp controls for manual regulation, same with lighting. They will also receive a plan on how to design a floor plan to take advantage of the natural light.

Additionally, with a true commitment to the environment and overall sustainability, The Building hopes to achieve LEED certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Here is what THAT MEANS!!!

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