Call2Recycle Getting Most from Rechargeable Batteries

From Call2Recycle

Follow these simple tips from Call2Recycle, a product stewardship organization managing the only no-cost battery and cellphone collection program in North America, so you can get the most out of your cordless electronic products’ rechargeable batteries:

  • Read the guidelines.  There are specific recommended battery charging times for each individual product, read through these and follow the guidelines before using it for the first time. 
  • Wait til it’s dead.  Never return a fully-charged battery to the charger for an extra boost.  This will shorten the life of the battery.
  • Know the difference. Never place a non-rechargeable battery in a battery charger.
  • Don’t let it sit! If your rechargeable battery is done charging, remove it from the charger.
  • Cool it.  Let a discharged battery cool to room temperature before recharging.

When they no longer hold a charge and it’s time to buy a replacement rechargeable battery, make sure to recycle your old one! To find a drop-off location nearest you, call toll free:  1-877-2-RECYCLE or visit

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