The Green Living Guy
An eco friendly band that I have known for a while deserved an interview with The Green Living Guy.
John Cusimano, Lead Singer of The Cringe

Driven by the gutsy lead vocals and savvy songwriting of John Cusimano, The Cringe has been bringing their blend of politicized power pop and big-belt-buckle blare to fans across the country since 2004. The band’s first two albums, Scratch the Surface and Tipping Point, tipped the neo-grunge scales towards the polished blast-pop of the Foo Fighters and The Vines, but within those melodic contours lurked the ragged heart of first-generation indie bands from the Minutemen to The Replacements.

For the interview at blog talk radio go to: Eco Friendly Band THE CRINGE Interview with John Cusimano!! 09/14 by GreenLivingGuy | Blog Talk Radio

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