Renewable energy provides resiliency for communities in the face of climate-related weather disasters. The ASES National Solar Conference in Baltimore, MD, April 16-20 will examine the role of renewable energy in planning, mitigation and recovery from increasingly disruptive events such as Superstorm Sandy.

Boulder, CO, March 7, 2013 — The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) will focus on the relationship between renewable energy and extreme weather events at its annual national solar conference, SOLAR 2013, in Baltimore, April 16-20.

For a day-long series of sessions on “Extreme Weather: Strategic Opportunity for Renewable Energy,” ASES will convene a cross-disciplinary group of state and local officials, utilities, businesses, insurance and finance experts, researchers and renewable energy companies, to strategize about the role of renewable energy in reducing risk from extreme weather events.

Speakers for the “Extreme Weather” session on Thursday, April 18, include:
– Alice LeBlanc, former head of the Office of Environment and Climate Change at American International Group (AIG), where she designed and implemented AIG’s global corporate climate change strategy. AIG suffered losses of $1.4 billion as a result of hurricane Sandy.

Renewable energy can slow the pace of climate change by displacing fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But only recently has it become clear that renewable energy can save lives and money during and after extreme weather events, through “islanded” microgrids that combine renewable energy with backup storage, and maintain local power when the grid goes down.

Hurricane Sandy, which left 8.2 million people without power for weeks on end, is estimated to cost at least $60 billion. Half of that amount is from the loss of business, mainly due to power failures, while the rest is from property destruction.

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