Interactive Digital Mosaic Shown at Thousands of Events Worldwide as Over One Billion People Take Action to Protect the Environment

WASHINGTON – Today is Earth Day, and over one billion people in approximately 192 countries are taking action to protect the environment. From London to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Babylon City. To New Delhi to New York, Rome to Cairo. For people everywhere are mobilizing their communities and helping depict The Face of Climate Change. I mean that’s the theme of Earth Day 2023.

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network, the organization that coordinates Earth Day around the world each year, is collecting images of people, animals and places affected by climate change, as well as images and stories from people doing their part in the fight against climate change. During the days surrounding Earth Day, an interactive digital display of all the images. It is being shown at thousands of events around the world. Especially as people continue to upload photos of their actions in real-time.


“This interactive mosaic is depicting the very real impact that climate change is having on people’s lives. Moreover it’s uniting Earth Day events around the world. All into one call for climate action,” said Franklin Russell, director of Earth Day at Earth Day Network. “The stories we’ve collected so far have been inspiring.”

Press Event

As of press time, the campaign had photo-testimonials from 128 countries and 46 U.S. states. And they will continue to pour in as events unfold today and throughout the week.

Examples of the thousands of user-submitted stories include a mountaineer in New Zealand who reported on receding glaciers and an organization in Thailand who installed solar panels at a refugee camp on the Myanmar border.


Organizers are encouraged by the level of participation and enthusiasm and plan to continue the campaign in an effort to build the climate movement.

Earth Day is the largest secular event in the world. I mean more people join in every year. On and around Earth Day, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to haul garbage. Also clean up coral reefs and mountain trails, show movies, sign petitions, march to solve the climate crises, hold town hall meetings to plan a better future, and rally to save endangered species. More than 100 million schoolchildren around the world learn about the importance of clean air and water. Thousands of federal, state, and local governments issue reports about their environmental achievements and make pledges to improve their environmental performance and invest in green technology. And tens of thousands of clergy members give sermons about the importance of protecting God’s creation.

Face of Climate Change 

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Source: Earth Day Network

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