Astroglide Natural is Perfect for Couples…..Who are Eco-Friendly and Adventurous in the Bedroom

VISTA, CA –– Astroglide, a leading brand of personal lubricants, is celebrating spring with a list of “Green” date ideas couples can explore and “Green” activities singles can do to attract the interest of likeminded individuals. As the weather gets warmer, individuals and businesses turn their attention to various environmental issues. Days like Earth day and organized environmental cleanups reinforce how local choices can impact the globe and provides a great opportunity for people to work together on worthy goals.

Green Spring Date ideas for couples:
Participate in one of many beach or lake cleanups which usually involve cleaning beaches and shorelines of garbage. Garbage-detail not your thing? Then visit to find something more to your tastes.

Start an Earth Hour (or hours depending on how hardcore you are) where you forego all electronics, maybe even add stargazing to your date in appreciation of nature and all its beauty. Walk, bike, rollerblade, or take public transit wherever you go that day. Pick a time that you can both reduce your carbon footprint.

Check out your local Farmers Market and cook up an eco-friendly dinner at home – check out sites like for recipes. Or find out what restaurants feature local produce and/or participate in Tip-to-Tail (or Nose-to-Tail) cuisine since food locally grown has a lower carbon footprint than those shipped from miles away.

For a “Green” bedroom experience, pick up some Astroglide Natural, a botanical-enhanced personal lubricant that does not contain glycerin, parabens, or alcohol and is made with Aloe Vera, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Vitamins C & E.

Go on a couples hike and bring some bags to collect trash along the way. Performing unselfish acts helps you to feel better about yourself, which can lead to confidence in other areas.

Try doing a photo scavenger hunt where you grab your camera and start with the letter A and find items that begin with that letter until you complete the alphabet. Make it nature-friendly by only taking pictures of animals or vegetation that begins with a given letter.

Plant a garden together, even if it’s only in a planters box on your small apartment’s balcony. If you plant flowers, then you can decorate the house with them rather than a delivery service.

Ideas for green-thinking singles for Spring and to possibly score a date:
Rent DVDs and borrow books from the library. Amazon might offer quick shipping, but it still requires trucks or planes. With the library you aren’t creating more demand for new products, and you just might meet a like-minded single person.

Walk or bike whenever possible instead of driving or taking the bus. Not only does this not require any fossil fuels, but you get your endorphins going which can stimulate conversation with others.

Join your local tree planting organization in order to brighten up neighborhoods and potentially meet someone who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Websites like or even the smart phone app Meet-Up can point you in the right direction to meet someone with the same interests.

Crack open some organic wine and spend an evening going through your old clothes, sports equipment, and even furniture. Remember “Reuse” is a primary goal, and your donations can prevent someone from buying a new product. And Pinterest can provide tips on how to “Upcycle” your wares.

Consider going vegetarian for just a week or even a day. Meat requires a lot of resources, and choosing local produce is an environmentally sound choice. You’ll also likely lose weight and look better, which can’t hurt when you’re trying to find a date for Saturday night.

And there’s websites like or that specifically cater to individuals that make the Green Movement a part of their everyday life.

Whether you are in a committed relationship or a single looking for a hot date, every beautiful day this Spring/Summer is a great opportunity to make Earth-friendly choices and meet some interesting people.

Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant is the perfect complement for couples who want to cap off a day of earth-saving activities with botanical fun you can take anywhere. Sold where you already shop, Astroglide Brand products are located in the Family Planning or Feminine Hygiene section of your favorite store. Visit for more information.

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