Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car

Firstly the Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid (or Prius PHV) is a mid-size what we call at plugin hybrid electric car.  It’s a plugin hybrid manufactured by Toyota. Second, it’s the first generation Prius PHV based on a third generation Toyota Prius (model ZVW30). However, this one includes with 4.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries co-developed with Panasonic according to Toyota.,
Toyota Prius Plugin
Furthermore, this tech enables first an all-electric drive at yes higher speeds than a hybrid.  Then the all-electric operation will go for longer distances (like an all-electric car) versus the conventional Prius hybrid.

In addition, production of the first generation Prius Plugin ended in June 2015.  That’s according to Toyota sources. Also, the second generation Toyota Prius plugin has a new name.  They are calling this one the Toyota Prius Prime.  It will be Called the Toyota Prius Prime in the United States and Prius PHV in Japan.  So looking forward to test drive the Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid which based on the fourth generation Toyota Prius (model XW50).

In conclusion, it outfitted with a drive system powered by lithium-ion battery twice capacity first generation (8.8 kWh). Finally, retail deliveries of the Toyota Prius Plugin Prime began in the United States in November 2016.  Also, and more importantly, the release in the Japanese markets began in late 2016.

Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid Electric Car

Finally, Here is an Instagram Post I did on this:

Hey @toyotausa here is your Prius PHEV. 95 MPGe. 120 outlet can charge this car!

Then I Posted!!

Plug it In! Plug it In! Toyota Prius Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle! The first one I saw in Westchester County, #NY #PHEV #pluginhybrid #electricvehicle #Toyotaprius (at Neighborhood)

Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid

Also, Here is another instagram post on my picture of the underneath the hood shot for the Toyota Prius Plugin hybrid electric car.

Plug in Toyota Prius #toyotaprius #pluginhybrid #longisland

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