The Huffington Post and Green-Friendly Site “Ecofabulous” Join Forces

September 4, 2013 — The Huffington Post and eco-lifestyle website, Ecofabulous, announced today that they are joining forces to bring environmentally conscious content to the HuffPost community. Founded by Zem Joaquin, Ecofabulous is devoted to serving as a trusted guide and resource for a sustainable life that does not sacrifice style or productivity. Joaquin will serve as HuffPost Editor at Large of Home & Lifestyle, and will continue to contribute to HuffPost Home, HuffPost Green, HuffPost Travel and HuffPost Lifestyle, among others.

The Huffington Post Ecofabulous page will host original product reviews and recommendations featuring environmentally conscious beauty, fashion, home, kids, tech, and lifestyle items; provide resources for readers aiming to live a green life; profile environmentally-pioneering companies; and serve as a place to inspire readers seeking the recommendations of expert editors and designers.

“From day one, The Huffington Post has been driven by a deep concern for the planet — not only in our popular Green section, but in all aspects of the site. So we are delighted to be partnering with Ecofabulous,” said Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post. “Under Zem’s leadership, the site has not only been a beacon of smart and eco-friendly content, but a proponent of one of HuffPost’s core beliefs: that personal sustainability is the first step to global sustainability.”

“I’m thrilled that Ecofabulous is joining forces with Huffington Post. I started Ecofabulous to make it easy for everyone to find products that were beautiful and effective,” said Zem Joaquin. “With the strength of The Huffington Post’s platform, a much larger audience will now have access to this unique content.”

Zem is the former eco-editor of House and Garden, 7X7 and Domino Magazines. She is ebay’s eco-expert, a certified Green Builder, and a board member of both Global Green USA and the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute. She co-founded the acclaimed Gorgeous & Green San Francisco event and has been awarded multiple accolades for her work elevating environmental design.

The page is curated by the HuffPost Home Team. Visit the new Ecofabulous page now at:

Source: my buddy Zem and The Huffington Post