Recargo with SemaConnect Inc Build Largest EV Charging Station Network

Recargo Inc. and SemaConnect Inc. Introduce Open System for Public EV Charging “Pay With PlugShare” Launches on the World’s Largest EV Charging Station Network

VENICE, CA and BETHESDA, MD– October 1, 2013– Recargo Inc., electric vehicle software and information services company has partnered with SemaConnect. For they are a national leader in electric vehicle charging stations to launch a new public charger payment solution.

“Pay With PlugShare” has been engineered to be the easiest and most universal public charging system currently available, and will operate seamlessly under PlugShare, the most widely used app to find a place to charge and now to pay for your charge. Pay With Plugshare will be available at more than 300 SemaConnect charging stations in the United States and Canada.

In conclusion, both companies want drivers to be able to plug in at public stations with efficiency and ease. Pay With PlugShare solves the current dilemma of proprietary payment. That’s as well as extra fees, and members-­‐only charging. The service also combines finding the best place to charge for every driver’s unique plug-­‐in needs. All the while accessing the world’s largest charging network. One most importantly with a payment solution built into the same app. Since the payment method only needs a smartphone and doesn’t require membership costs and prepaid subscriptions, and RFID tokens or phone calls, this process is more reliable and cost effective for drivers to charge.

Sources: SemaConnect and Recargo

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