New York, NY – January 7, 2014 – The Draycott Hotel has launched an initiative to become London’s most eco-friendly boutique hotel. The main focus of their efforts is a recycling initiative and the “Keen to be Green” program, a unique CO2-free way to explore London, exclusively accessible to guests and staff of the Draycott.

The program maps out handpicked routes to explore London via walking, cycling or use of public transportation. Green tours at the Draycott Hotel feature guided walking organizations such as Ramblers, Blue Badge Guides and London’s award-winning signature walking tour company, London Walks. Unguided tours with walking maps and cycling tours with cycle routes are also available 24 hours a day, all year round.

Part of The Draycott Hotel’s “Keen to be Green” initiative encourages staff of the hotel to take part in CO2-free travel by participating in the “Barclays Cycle Superhighways Workplace” scheme which promotes safe use of bicycles and raises awareness of sustainable business practices. Draycott General Manager Melissa Stoman said of the program, “We recognize the impact our business has on the environment and are committed to operating in a sustainable manner. We have worked extremely hard over the past few years in this pioneering field and we are thrilled to have our staff on board as well.”

The Draycott’s efforts have recently been celebrated at the Green Tourism for London Scheme. They received a gold award for “Good Practice Throughout” which is the highest classification for the program that rates hotels based on over 150 indicators of good sustainable practices.

The Draycott has also been commended for their recycling initiative, which includes innovative in-room recycling bins that are both practical as well as suited to the luxurious style of the rooms. In addition, The Draycott exceeded previous recycling efforts by switching to 100% recycled paper and installing a new printing infrastructure, which decreased paper use by over 30%.

To ensure the hotel’s continual advancement, The Draycott has become a member of the Considerate Hoteliers Association whose vision is “to encourage the adoption of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable policies.” The five star eco-friendly hotel was also a finalist in AA’s “Eco Hotel of the Year” and the Considerate Hoteliers’ “Hotel of the Year” awards. Each organization supports hotels with sustainable policies and practices. The Draycott recognizes the impact their business has on the environment, and are committed to conducting business in a way that ensures environmental sustainability, while maintaining the comfort and luxury its guests deserve.

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