Chevy Spark can easily power sexy Corvette





After test driving the Chevy Spark for a week, there was no question in my mind that it was as powerful or even more powerful than I expected. It was even more effectively clear to me the power potential of the car when it had a range of over 80 miles and with regenerative braking can easily get someone 90 miles pure EV. At one point on my zero to sixty MPH test I thought I should open the wing flaps to the car because we felt like we were about to take off (air bound that is).

When the folks at GM, picked up the Spark in a shiny new Corvette with a fuel economy of 30 MPG it was clear before even any news release came out that the Spark inside a Corvette can do some real damage on the roads. I mean a sexy Corvette and the torque and power behind the Spark is nothing but asking for great electric transport trouble.

The day after I gave up the Spark EV I saw reports of a 770 hp Corvette. Now GM is talking my language folks. I mean this is sex appeal and real muscle behind an efficient car. What a combination.

Now while a plug in car is my ultimate, the Spark EV should not be looked at in a bad way. It is real power, real torque and will dip in any city or around town like there is no tomorrow. I mean I really really thought the car was going to take off and lift up at certain points. You can blow past anyone in this car.

All I can say is Tesla: watch out!

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