For The Love of The Water get Purakai



Today 98% of the clothing sold in the USA is made overseas and nearly all of that clothing is made from fabrics that have a negative effect on the environment, especially cotton. As lovers of the outdoors we want to create clothing that doesn’t pollute the rivers, lakes, streams and oceans, and we want to make our clothing in the USA from organic cotton grown in the USA.

Why? Because 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the US each year and these poisons not only have a negative effect on the water we love to spend time. They also have a negative effect on the bees, the farm workers and their families, the drinking water and the creatures in the soil and the water.

The Solution: We believe we have a responsibility to create clothing that doesn’t pollute the environment, clothing made in a way that has a positive contribution not only to this generation of living creatures but also future generations of living creatures.

They make a competitively priced shirt in the USA from California Organic Cotton, a shirt that brings much needed manufacturing jobs back to the USA and that doesn’t pollute our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams with harmful chemicals, a shirt you can be proud to wear.

Purakai Clothing was co-founded by a Father and Daughter.

Dad is a lifelong surfer, spearfisherman and freediver that has taught his children to love and respect the sea. He has a 20 year track record creating and operating successful businesses.

Daughter shares dad’s love for the sea, she caught her first wave at the age of four and has spent her life around the water, but her true love is creating stylish fashionable clothing.

Source: Purakai Clothing