San Luis Obispo, Calif. (October 22, 2013) – The immediate and long-term benefits of integrating animals in orchard and vineyard operation – such as the use of raptors for rodent control or sheep for weed suppression are part of Sustainable Agriculture in San Luis Obispo, California. (www.SustainableAgExpo.org)

“Farmers are always interested in learning about ‘new’ ways to diversify and expand their management toolbox. We’re excited to bring both the science and practical information of this strategy to our growers,” said Kris Beal of the Vineyard Team, which has hosted the Sustainable Ag Expo for almost a decade.

According to Mullville, “One of the most dramatic results of extending the grazing period in vineyards is the potential to decrease water use while increasing yield and quality. Weeds and cover crops become a resource to be harvested, adding value to both the animal and the soil.”

The Vineyard Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable viticulture practices on the Central Coast since 1994. Visit www.VineyardTeam.org to learn more about the Vineyard Team and its SIP™ (Sustainability in Practice) Program.

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