ntegrated Solar Significantly Decreases Energy Costs for Homebuyers Without Increasing Purchase Price for oregon homebuilders

Integrated Solar Significantly Decreases Energy Costs for Homebuyers Without Increasing Purchase Price

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Homebuilders in Oregon are partnering with SolarCity® (Nasdaq:SCTY), America’s No. 1 full-service solar power provider, to provide affordable, clean energy to new home communities. Twenty local homebuilders, from the Portland area to central Oregon. For they have begun offering solar power to homebuyers through SolarCity. This is also giving hundreds of future homeowners the chance to save on their energy bills from day one without paying a single penny extra for their homes.

Oregon is on the leading edge of renewable energy production in the United States.

Also and Portland actually uses 20 percent more renewable energy compared to the national average.*

In conclusion, solar power for new homes is an easy way for homebuilders and consumers to take part in the state’s clean energy and sustainability efforts. The builders also who have chosen SolarCity to provide clean power in their communities include:

45° Central
Arbor Builders
BC Custom Construction
Cloninger Custom Homes
Elite Development
Fish Construction
JDC Homes
Marnella Homes
Mike Riddle Construction
Michael Wilkins Construction
Oregon Homeworks
Ostercraft Homes
Pahlisch Homes
Quail Homes
Ridgeline Custom Homes
Renaissance Homes
Semon & Cross
Shelburne Development
TA Liesy Homes NW
Winsome Construction

Solar power also delivers distinct benefits for homebuilders and homebuyers.

While many upgrades and additions to homes are great that I know; such as granite countertops. For I know this can greatly increase the purchase price of a home. Because SolarCity’s solar power options can also allow homeowners to start saving money on energy costs.

Solar. ntegrated Solar Significantly Decreases Energy Costs for Homebuyers Without Increasing Purchase Price
Tesla solar panels on a home. Photo copyrights belong to Tesla.

Thereby immediately and without increasing their purchase price. So SolarCity allows the homebuyer to install solar panels for free. Finally and pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility bills.

For homebuilders, solar options represent an enticing (and eco-friendly) way to attract potential buyers to their new communities and homes. In fact, about 92 percent of Americans think that the United States should develop and use more solar energy.** SolarCity’s solar power options do not increase construction costs for the homebuilder.

In conclusion, SolarCity provides homebuilders across the country with full-service solar solutions that include customer service, real-time monitoring, insurance and repairs for their homebuyers. SolarCity currently works with more than 80 builders across 9 states.

Finally and to learn more, please visit www.solarcity.com/homebuilder.

** According to the Solar Energy Industries Association National Solar Survey.

Source: About SolarCity® (Nasdaq:SCTY)

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